Inkjet Plotter Products
We have the largest most comprehensive product line of inkjet medias.  Why, only one reason.  We need them all to meet your every need.  Please look at what we have to offer.


Color Graphic Inkjet Products
Since the original inkjet plotter was introduced by EnCad several years ago many changes have taken place.  One of the most dramatic is the ability to product photographic results from these printers or plotters.  In order to deliver the high quality color presentations one must use matched medias.  We have many different types of medias to enable you to get the output look you are looking for.


Diazo Blueprint Products
Yes over the years many things have changed.  However this has remained a constant, after we have created a drawing we need to make copies.  Here you will find the blueprint papers you need to do just that.


Osborne’s Engineering Supply is please to hold the distinction of being the first EnCad Inkjet dealer in Utah.  We also have sold and serviced the Hewlett Packard plotters.  We Know Plotters….


Computer Systems
Here at Osborne’s we are your one stop shop.  If you need media for your plotters, blueprint paper to make copies or plotters to plot your drawings we have it all.  We also have a full line of computer systems.  We have trained personnel that can build you a computer to your specifications.  Networking is a must these days, so we are ready to install and administer your network.
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