“Computer is down”, yes an ugly set of words.  However a more frustrating dilemma is: “Computer is down, I don’t know who to call”.  When you need to have a system repaired we are willing and ready.

Key Benefits

bullet Authorized dealer for most major brands
bullet Service Contracts available
bullet On demand service, when you need it


Authorized Dealer
Well so what?  How does this help me?  Well simply put we have the ability to get you the products from the original manufacture when they are required.  We also have developed a relationship with the supply channel to get extended support if required.  We also carry a local supply of parts that will fail from time to time.  We can dispatch our service people as you need them.
Service Contracts
Perhaps one of the greatest unknowns is the total cost of ownership of a computer.  Here is a great way to take control of this problem.  We are pleased to offer to our customers service contract that will cover the costs of labor and repair parts.  Your machines are now guaranteed to work at no additional cost.
On Demand Service
Our service department understands that your computers are one of the major tools of your company.  When they are down and broken you are effectively out of business.  We are flexible and recognize how important it is to get service in a timely manner.  If you chose to not have service contract we are pleased to furnish you with the know how and parts to get you up and running.
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