Color plotting is no longer just a novelty, rather is is becoming a standard in today’s world.  We have assembled from literally around the world products to meet the demanding requirements of your business.  The listing below is just a sampling of products we carry in the Inkjet Color Graphic arena.

Key Benefits

bullet Adhesive Backed Vinyl Glossy Film

bullet Need to mount some plots or presentations to make a presentation.  We this just might be your ticket.  
bullet Artist Canvas

bullet If you want to make an extraordinary impact this product can do it.  It is a very heavy weight artist canvas formulated with an inkjet coating to receive 300% ink saturations.
bullet Reverse Print Backlit Film

bullet Do you want to have everyone stop and look at your work.  Well this product is designed to be placed in a back lit box, which will project the vivid colors of your design to every who looks.
bullet Tyvek Banner Waterproof

bullet Occasionally you may need a “bullet proof” product.  Well this is it.  Made from Dupont Tyvek material and then coated with water proof inkjet coatings this product can stand up to your highest demands.
bullet Fox Fauxto Gloss Paper

bullet Looking for a way to print out high resolution photographic plots more economical.  This is why this product went through development.  We are please to furnish the great product, that give high quality at a reduced price point.
bullet Indoor Poster Paper

bullet You want to have a unique look and feel for those special presentations.  Look into this product.
bullet White Presentation Glossy Film

bullet This is a great inkjet media for covers and presentation.  Made from mylar to give you uncompromising durability and coated with a white background for opacity.  You will be able to print striking covers on this product.
bullet Waterproof Matte Film

bullet Need a mylar product to go outdoors.  You can plot on this product with outdoor inks and not worry about getting it wet.  Excellent product for as built drawings that may need to be exposed to the outdoors.
bullet Synthetic Pretex Waterproof Paper

bullet This is a extremely durable paper, reinforced with synthetic fibers to make it stand up to prolonged use.  It is also waterproof, use outdoor dye inks for a permanent image.



Description SKU # Price
Adhesive Backed Vinyl Glossy Film ABG 24B $ 215.00
Artist Canvas ACM 36B  $ 265.00
Reverse Print Backlit Film BLF 24B $ 255.00
Tyvek Banner Waterproof DWT 24B $ 199.00
Fox Fauxto Gloss Paper FPB 24B $ 69.00
Indoor Poster Paper    IPG90 24B $ 138.00
White Presentation Glossy Film PCF 24B $ 230.00
Waterproof Matte Film PMW 24B $ 243.00
Synthetic Pretex Waterproof Paper     PRT 24B $ 187.00
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