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Key Benefits

bullet Blueprint Paper

bullet 29-2060 Fast speed blueprint paper, great for desk top blueprint machines and moderate speed production printers
bullet 29-2070 Extra fast blueprint paper, great for desk top blueprint machines, this is our most popular speed print paper
bullet Diazo Sepia Paper

bullet Azon for years has made the best sepia paper.  For this reason we are pleased to supply to you the Azon 4916 erasable sepia paper.
bullet Diazo Intermediate Mylar

bullet These mylars come in two line colors.  First is the sepia or brown line and second is the black line.  These products are excellent for creating second originals.


Description SKU # Price
Blueline print paper 24 X 36  29-2070 09E $ 75.00
Sepia paper 24 X 36 4916 09D $ 85.00
Sepia Mylar Reproducable 24 X 36  29-4016 09C $ 135.00
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