Networking, Computer networking.  Do these terms cause you to cringe?  Do these terms cause you confusion?  Are these terms becoming a frustration to you and your company?  Well we understand “networks”.  We have installed and managed networks for years.  Whether you are using a Windows peer to peer network schema or a true client/server network we can help.

Key Benefits

bullet One Stop Shop * Supplies * Computers * Plotters and the knowledge to make them work
bullet Installation and configuration
bullet Management and Support


One Stop Shop
We understand your business.  We after all have grown up do business with you and others in the Architectural * Engineering and Construction marketplace.  CAD systems are not an enigma to us, it is what we do.  We can help you with the computer systems needed to run high powered CAD programs.  We can integrate these individual workstations in you own private network.  We can extend this network via the Internet and create a Virtual Private Network.  After it is all installed and running we are here to make certain that it continues to run correctly.  We can help you administer it, modify it and upgrade it.  You are already a professional business, you do not have to become a computer expert, leave that to us.
Yes we are all aware of the internet.  However has you awareness of the internet benefited your business?  We have some ways to make this tool work for you.  We can give you access to the web, without sacrificing productivity.  We can help your extended team, other architects, engineers and consultants collaborate on projects, using this medium.  Let us help you take advantage of this technology.
Management and Support
You have been trained in your specific discipline.  You have become successful in it.  Do try to become something you do not have the training to be.  Certainly you would not begin to practice medicine on yourself or your employees.  You would not counsel any of your clients to engineer their own drawings.  You would not give them a pencil and paper and have them create a construction and bid set of documents.  It is for this reason that we have put together a team of individuals that can consult with you to make your business more efficient and more successful.  Give us a call, or drop us a line, we look forward to meeting with you.


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