Not only do we offer service on your equipment, we also have taken the time and put in the effort to have our service people trained and certified.

Key Benefits

bullet Service When You Need it
bullet Service Contracts
bullet Knowledgeable Service Technicians 


Authorized Service Agent for Hewlett Packard
You do not need to worry about your plotter.  If for some reason it fails, and they do break.  You can just give us a call.  We have trained technicians that have passed the certification tests given by Hewlett Packard.  We also are a certified parts dealer for Hewlett Packard.  So when you plotter goes down you can be confident that we know how to fix it and can get the needed parts directly from Hewlett Packard to repair it with genuine parts.
Service Contracts
In today’s world it is hard to keep costs in check.  For this reason we offer to our customers service contracts.  This guarantees a fixed cost of keeping your equipment up and running.  Do not worry about your aging plotter, we will make certain that it is up and running.  With a service contract there is a one time annual charge to you.  You are not exposed to the uncertainty of whether or not your plotter will break.  If it does, it is not a problem, just call and we will cover the costs of labor and parts.  Simple, we truly are striving to “Making it Easy to do Business”.
EnCAD Plotters Service
EnCAD has not officially authorized dealers to be their service agents.  However for the last 6 years we at Osborne’s have service each of EnCAD’s plotters.  We have the longest standing relationship with EnCAD as an Inkjet plotter dealer in Utah.  We also have been authorized to be their parts dealer here in Utah.


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